CVH @ Oceanside – Friday 10-18-19 * 10:40pm

Join CVH for an exciting, fun, and competitive scrimmage game at Oceanside. A ref will be there to ensure everyone has a good time and stays safe!

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Goalies play for FREE!!! (Must contact us directly to register for a spot)

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Paid and Confirmed

  •  Mecca
  •  Adrian Amezquita
  •  Andrew Childress
  •  Randy Cullen
  •  Bryan Desimone
  •  Nicki Gatlin
  •  Eric Goldstone
  •  Mark Gresko
  •  Jason Henry
  •  Robbie Hernandez
  •  Luke Hise
  •  david jackson
  •  Braedon Kantola
  •  Braden Lewis
  •  Mengying Liao
  •  Brandon Mauk
  •  Ryan Schmidt
  •  Vato Webon

Pending Payment
  •  Some guy named jags
  •  david jackson
  •  Braedon Kantola